Not really, but okay. My name is Lauren and I play bass guitar for a currently unsigned punk-rock band called Krashland. We are currently situated in the Grangemouth - Falkirk area in Central Scotland. We have been without a drummer for a good few months now, which is sadly holding us back with covers, recording, gigs, everything. We are at the moment, sitting at three female members and one male.

We urgently need a drummer who is willing to play with us. We have our own facebook page here which has a list of our influences, so you can get a rough idea of the music that we are edging towards. 

The band has never played a gig with the current line up due to the lack of a drummer, so if anyone was interested it would be a great help. 

Also, having an easily ready way to get to and from grangemouth for practices would be really helpful, and the closer you live the better. 

So, if anyone is interested in playing for us just drop me or our lead singer an ask, send us a message on facebook or email krashland@googlemail.com and we’d be happy to have you play with us! 

But seriously, we need a drummer, it would be fabulous if anyone gets in contact. 

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